Garage Floor Epoxy Finishing MN

Infinite Design provides solutions for your garage floors for residential, commercial, or multi-housing needs, in addition to our many other interior/exterior painting services.

Our goal is our focus on providing value to our customers. The goal for all properties is to be functional and durable with lasting value. It means providing the right floor for the customers needs. We are able to make recommendations based on your environment and budget.

Epoxies Floors provide high strength, as well as being abrasion and chemical resistant.

Epoxy coating is a superior solution for your home or commercial garage floors’ surface. It bonds mechanically to your floors’ surface, to create an impervious barrier that guards against damage by salt, fluids, and automobile wear and tear. It is well suited for use in residential workshops and garage floors, and for commercial or industrial applications.

It is especially well suited for concrete floors, and provides tough protection for wood and steel floor surfaces. Epoxy floor surfacing is one of the many outstanding services you can count on at Infinite Design.

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