Our Woodworking Process

Our goal at Infinite Design is to provide our customers with the best finishing possible! To achieve this goal we use an 11 step process that allows for:

  • Maximum sealing of the wood
  • Flawlessly clean hardware
  • And a ”Glass” Smooth Finish

Combined with this process we are using a high quality catalyzed lacquer sealer and topcoats. All of these steps are in place to make sure next time you need finishing you’re sure to do it right.

Our Wood Finishing 11 Commandments

  1. Do not start finishing before dis-assembly
  2. Do not start finishing before properly covering non finished areas
  3. Do not start finishing before inspecting for damage and other issues. Issues will be resolved in our shop. Any large issues that cannot be remedied will brought to the customers attention immediately
  4. Always double check the stain/finish. A natural wood finish will start with a seal coat. Whereas a stain finish will be will be hand stained and wiped clean before sealer is applied
  5. Do not apply top coats before sealing
  6. Do not apply top coats before sanding sealer smooth
  7. Always apply all coats evenly and consistently
  8. Always sand between coats
  9. Always remove paper and clean up any remaining unwanted finishes before assembly
  10. Always reassemble exactly the way it was received
  11. Always strive to refine and improve their skills to attain the best finish possible for their customers wants and needs

Why Catalyzed Lacquer?

Most professionals regard lacquer as the best all-around finish for wood because it dries fast, imparts an incredible depth and richness to the wood, exhibits excellent durability and polishes out well. Catalyzed lacquer bridges the gap between the application traits of nitrocellulose lacquer and the durability of varnish. The addition of an acid catalyst imitates a chemical reaction that forms a very tough durable finish. Using a catalyzed lacquer allows you to apply more coats in one day because of a short drying time.

Woodwork Finishing MN