On Site Woodwork Finishing Services

At Infinite Design , we offer on site wood finishing so you can get any of your wood-finishing projects completed without having to leave home. Some of our clients do not have the time to drop off their projects, wait for the project to be completed, then return to us to pick it up.

On site finishing is a great alternative to those who have a hectic schedule. All you have to do is simply schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience, and our professionals will arrive on time and ready to work.

Some projects are better to be done on site than others. If you are adding on an extra piece to an already existing design, it is best for our experts to look at the overall project so that we can perfectly match the style, shape and color.

Other wood pieces that need to be finished are too heavy or delicate to be moved out of place. To avoid any damage to the piece, we offer the ability to come to you.

Whether your cabinets, molding, doors, or anything wood are in need of repair, touch-ups or restoration, our experts have the right tools, skills and knowledge to assist your staining or varnishing needs.

If you have any questions about on site wood finishing, call Infinite Design today for a FREE consultation!

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